Tips on size

In choosing a right size please be realistic about your size .
Get a measuring tape and start measured yourself , and please gives us the right numbers , we help u start from that . Right measurement is critical for those who want to buy bridal items ( bride to be..)  Because the alteration is free !! please do mention to us if you intended to wear  a corset. We will alter the dress exactly to your size so that u won’t be looking wearing some rented dresses. Or contact us...we will assist you on that.

The rest of our product comes in size XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For little  pumpkin kids  wear we categorized them according  to their age 3-4 years , 5-6 years and up to 12 -13 years old. The measurement is based on average Malay kids. Kidswear always need proper measurement so the dress can be worn for at least a year, otherwise it will become a waste.

For our baju kurung , kurung moden and kebaya comes in standard size in Malaysian market . Normally its fit you just like other standard baju kurung . Plus for your convenient we already provide u with the measurement next to the product. For beautiful kebaya always allow at least 1 inch for chest and hips , for comfort . A good kebaya always the one with right size on shoulder and chest . The rest will just help u for a greater proportion. ( In other word u not necessary wears a tight kebaya all the time, unless u is a bride or performing on stage .) For example , kebaya nyoya , love the cutting , beautifully done, extending the beauty the one  who’s wearing them . Wear it loose , and hit the streets and its comfort u all day long. 

For Jubah and abaya ,  we offers comfort and most of them are loose  ,  also comes in size of S ,M ,L , XL . Our cutting is slightly different from others ,  buy one now ! we also provide you free alteration for the length . Give us the measurement and you save money on alteration . Buy now !!! 

If you still not sure , again,  please contact us . Enjoy shopping here at Jaidaa!!